Home Office Break Beats 2020/21

10 minutes of Funk for your next break to relax during or from work.

Corona Funk Groophz 2020

Binaural Funk Groophz

It’s November 2019 and a new DAW plugin, dearVR Pro, changed my kind of mixing. Standard stereo mixes became boring when I started to experiment with binaural sounds. To hear what I tried to create you need headphones. Speakers may work, but it’s not the same „room“ experience.

Here’s the original stereo mix for comparision

Binaural House Groophz

My wife’s favorite style is house. So from time to time I’ve to leave the underground funk for some more mainstream house ;-). Don’t forget the headphones!

Nu-Funk Groophz

My classical stereo mixes.


Hier mal zum Vergleich der Standard Stereo Mix

Funk House

Hip Hop House

Jazz House

Rock House

Soul House

Disco House