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About Easy Groophz

Excerpt from the e-book "I Do The Grooves Myself Now!"

The Easy Groophz approach helps people with little or no experience in in-house music production achieve usable results quickly. The focus here is on creative choices.

Possible uses include content creators (YouTube, Facebook, etc.), DJs, beat producers, rappers, lyricists, hobby musicians, and music lovers who want to venture into creating music themselves. 

Easy Groophz takes advantage of modern digital music production with a focus on simplicity and effectiveness:

  • It is produced completely "in-the-box", through the use of existing computers, pads or smartphones and matching audio and video software
  • Only professionally produced samples and loops are used to create songs and beats (deliberately breaking the rules currently upheld in the music industry in order to be faster)
  • Only digital artifacts are created, processed and distributed
  • The approach is exemplified with funky dance songs and beats

You can do it too!

Now you might wonder if this Easy Groophz topic is something for you at all. You have the desire to produce music successfully, but you might be doubting yourself right now. Surely people from your immediate environment have already advised you against it. They have expressed doubts like "art without bread", "not creative enough" and the like. Sure, you trust these statements, because you trust exactly these people. 

You can now accept this as the only truth and bury the dream of producing music right away. That's completely ok. Or you can let yourself be inspired by the fact that everything you can imagine can become reality. There's only one rule you have to keep in mind: for every fall or failure, get back up again and keep going.

This may not be immediately obvious. But if you really burn for something, then you can persevere even in the most difficult situations. Many people give up too quickly when things get tough. 

Why? Because they think when things get tough, something isn't right. They overlook the fact that behind every success there are many, many failures from which lessons had to be learned on how to do things better on the way to success. It's just that in the rarest of cases, these failures are reported on later. That's not sexy, and it doesn't interest very many people.

If you have a clear vision of your future, set yourself small development steps that may well take several attempts until they are mastered, and above all keep focusing only on the next step ahead of you, you will eventually reach your goal. How long that takes depends only on how fast you learn on the way to realizing your vision. 

What, studying again?!

Learning is the secret? Yes, because especially in this day and age, many things depend less and less on the resources available, such as money. A lot of knowledge can be accessed free of charge on the Internet. But very few people see the opportunity for their own development in accessing and applying this knowledge. Most people prefer to use the Internet for entertainment.

However, it is not enough to read things, watch videos and the like. It is necessary to try things yourself, fail, learn from it and start the next round to become better. All of this can be a lengthy endeavor. How can you speed it up?

Learning faster means getting closer to your vision faster. It can mean faster success, fame, or even wealth. To accelerate, however, you need the experience of others who have already traveled a similar path. 

The trick now is to include those in your own development who know the workarounds and avoidance strategies of expected mistakes. They have already tried the shortcuts themselves. Here, real experience is a crucial point.

Being able to succeed faster obviously costs something: an investment, monetarily and in time. Buying experience is one thing. The more money available the better the support can be. Of course, it remains a challenge to find the right people to do this. 

The second aspect is to find the time to actually apply the purchased experience. This may sound a bit paradoxical, but this implementation step is not as easy as it looks. 

On the one hand, there may be a delay because it feels like the essential aspect has already been achieved: the appropriate knowledge, the necessary experience is available. But the actual doing does not happen. You can start at any time, but you forget that the right knowledge has to be internalized first, too. It is always only a matter of sample solutions that have to be adapted to one's own, individual situation in order to have an effect.

On the other hand, it is difficult to resist the temptation to only partially implement the patterns. This is the famous "cherry picking". But things get even crazier when the parts of the pattern solution that are not immediately obvious are replaced by your own ideas. There the failure, because of overestimation, is preprogrammed and the investment partly thrown out the window.

Why am I telling you this in such detail?

Let's walk a part of the way together

With this blog, you have already gone down the path of finding said sample solution. Now you have received the first indications of what awaits you and how you can deal with it. Now it's up to you to follow the path consistently.

I, for my part, will be happy to help you with advice and support so that you can achieve the success you are striving for. In order to achieve this, I have chosen the approach of achieving quick success without any previous knowledge. This way you stay motivated and can, if you want, dive deeper into music production afterwards.

Depending on how far we will go down the path together, you can get closer and closer to expert status. "Expert" I use now only as a term to give you an idea of the real potential of the Easy Groophz approach. The unique selling point of this approach is certainly the very easy way to get started and the straightforward way to move forward to achieve good results quickly, depending on the resources you use at the time. 

You will see that you have skills within you that, with a little support from me, will produce impressive results. But you will also find that at some point the desire will arise to find more of your own creativity or creative power in the result. Then it is time to deal with more complicated procedures and tools. Here, too, I'm happy to help you and my two decades of experience will benefit you.

However, you don't have to go the whole long way to becoming an "expert", but can also leave out some topics. The Easy Groophz approach is designed to be modular and also expandable by me to be able to respond to expected developments or changes in the future of music production.

And now I wish you a lot of fun and good luck with your first steps towards music production.