Dancing people from the video Dancin' Funk

More Loops: Rethinking Music Videos

Music videos have a long tradition and have been an integral part of our culture since music television. The combination of image and sound still exerts a fascination on listeners today. If the creativity and quality are right, the images can enhance the feeling created by the music.

Modern forms - and above all the increasing frequency - of music releases require ever faster workflows in production. And this with as consistent quality as possible. Videos, which are directly related to this, are also affected by this challenge.

Content creators show the way

If we look at the content creator space, there are interesting things happening right now. As with music production, more and more professional platforms are available for a diverse range of video loops or video samples. This allows videos to be treated like songs that can be produced loop-based.

The simplest approach here is to cut pre-made video loops to match the rhythm of the song. This allows the same loop to be used multiple times for certain sections of the song. The loops can then be given additional effects, just like the loops in the song.

A next step can be offerings, such as that of Artgrid, which also organize video loops and video samples in preparation for storytelling. The video can then easily support the song via a pictorially presented story.

An example

Here's an example from my Elevator Funk Playlist of how the Easy Groophz approach brings music and video loops together in a simple way:

Dancin' Funk Video

Rainer Eschen (DJ Groophz)

Producer, coach, innovator, futurist, Elevator Funk DJ - first contact with DJing in the 1970s in my parents' discoteques, then with hip hop / rap in the 1980s. Since 2000 producing songs and beats as Bedroom Producer. Funk in focus, additionally Soul, Jazz, Hip Hop, House and other danceable stuff are mixed to a distinctive sound, the Elevator Funk. Since the Pandemic, he has been working more and more as a mentor and coach for beginner producers: Deep inside you there is already a musician and producer! I'll show you how to discover her.