Meg: Ms Easy Groophz


I am not only a coach, but also an artist. Besides the music pieces that show how to produce music, there is a whole series of own songs, all following the Easy Groophz approach.

From The Music Coaching

Remixlive is without a doubt my favorite beginner music production app. Even though I wasn't very convinced by the old implementations years ago and at the moment Windows is no longer supported, it is now a versatile tool for beginners and professionals alike. If you want to quickly play some beats with your smartphone at a wedding, if you want to spice up your professional DJ set, or if you just want to create a song sketch, Remixlive offers something for many contexts: very easy to use and yet sufficient in functionality.

And Remixlive is just ideal for jamming. Here are videos that document the creation of the audible song as a screencast:

Remixlive Jams

Beats And Songs

If you can coin a generic term for your own works, that's something special. In my case, it came about rather by chance when I presented one of my early works on the funk board on Reddit. A reviewer was a bit irritated, because the result didn't match his idea of a funk song.

What was exciting for me was that his attempt to classify my work came up with the alternative term "elevator funk". In other words, something based on classic funk, but more suitable as background music. What irritated me a bit at first, I gradually found more and more interesting.

In fact, my songs are interspersed with set pieces of funk from the last decades, without following the classic patterns. In the meantime I mix up all genres as long as the whole thing fits together halfway. Even genres I don't really like offer samples and loops here and there that are suitable for this approach.

Here is a small best-of of the last years:

Elevator Funk