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How Even Beginners Can Produce Music Themselves

Whoever thought: "Producing music myself - that doesn't work for me!", can now rethink. You don't need music theory, the ability to play an instrument or even studio experience. Thanks to digitalization and artificial intelligence, anyone can now build a song in just a few minutes. How about impressing your friends and acquaintances?

Here's how easy it is:

Take a smartphone, download the app Remixlive from the Appstore and launch it. Then download a (free) sample set from the Remixlive store and you're ready to go. With a little sense of rhythm or feeling for sounds, individual instruments are then started by tapping (in parallel) and stopped again as desired.

If you want to have it a bit more colorful, you can switch to the effect area. Select one of the numerous effects and determine which instrument it should affect, and you can creatively bend the original sound by swiping your finger on the X-Y grid.

Tip: If you want to record your work for posterity, first start the recording function and later share the file with friends and acquaintances.

Why is it so easy? The secret lies in the structure of the sample sets. Here, digitized instruments, sounds and vocals are put together by professionals in such a way that even a beginner can choose any combination without it sounding strange. There are no limits to your own creativity and fun.

Already downloaded the app? Now it's time for your first try.

Here's more info about the app:
Remixlive Homepage

For familiarization with the app: Remixlive Howtos

Some sample sets in use: Easy Groophz Remixlive Jams

Rainer Eschen (DJ Groophz)

Producer, coach, innovator, futurist, Elevator Funk DJ - first contact with DJing in the 1970s in my parents' discoteques, then with hip hop / rap in the 1980s. Since 2000 producing songs and beats as Bedroom Producer. Funk in focus, additionally Soul, Jazz, Hip Hop, House and other danceable stuff are mixed to a distinctive sound, the Elevator Funk. Since the Pandemic, he has been working more and more as a mentor and coach for beginner producers: Deep inside you there is already a musician and producer! I'll show you how to discover her.