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You're Not a Real Musician If You Work With Loops! Or Are You?

We live in interesting times. Technical progress allows many more people today to build passable songs without having gone through the long training and experience path of professional producers. But if more and more is not self made, is that still real music? Or rather, who is then still a musician at all?

Quite simply: everyone who makes music is also a musician. Because for the music fan, it doesn't matter how a work was created, but what emotions it generates when you listen to it, or simply: whether you like it or not. Whoever serves the fan better wins. No matter how she works or what she works with.

“I thought using loops was cheating, so I made my own. I thought that using samples was cheating, so I made my own. I though using drum samples was cheating so I recorded a live drummer. I thought that was cheating so I learned the drums. I thought that was cheating, so I made my own drums. I thought that was cheating so I made my own drum heads. I thought that was cheating so I raised a goat and skinned it myself, - I haven’t made any music lately, with all the goat farming.”

That's why the whole discussion about loops, which has existed for years and will surely increase, is rather pointless. More and more platforms are emerging that support loop-based production well. This change in music production is unstoppable. On the contrary, the wider range of offerings makes it all the more exciting to get involved here. The key here is to embrace the trend, to use it to better serve the fans.

Fans want to hear new things in shorter and shorter periods of time. You can no longer spend months working on a song. Mass is becoming more and more important. And most fans don't even have the eavesdropping or understanding to appreciate the effort that goes into sound quality, arrangements, etc.

So loops are first choice for quick production. One might argue about whether it needs a bit more individuality, since they are (can be) used by many. A few effects here and there are certainly not wrong. But the skillful combination of well produced loops should be the focus. A little excitement about an appropriate song structure, and again a song is ready for release.

Who produces many songs, of course, produces more waste. But she also learns faster and thus creates more pearls for eternity ;-).

Rainer Eschen (DJ Groophz)

Producer, coach, innovator, futurist, Elevator Funk DJ - first contact with DJing in the 1970s in my parents' discoteques, then with hip hop / rap in the 1980s. Since 2000 producing songs and beats as Bedroom Producer. Funk in focus, additionally Soul, Jazz, Hip Hop, House and other danceable stuff are mixed to a distinctive sound, the Elevator Funk. Since the Pandemic, he has been working more and more as a mentor and coach for beginner producers: Deep inside you there is already a musician and producer! I'll show you how to discover her.