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Loop (3)

Everything you need to know when using loops for music production.

More Loops: Rethinking Music Videos

Music videos have a long tradition and have been an integral part of our culture since music television. The combination of image and sound still exerts a fascination on listeners today. If the creativity and quality are right, the images can enhance the feeling created…


Future Art: Loops, Loops, Loops

Loops have accompanied me in beat and song production for over 20 years. They have a significant part in the fact that I can build songs that please the fans without any prior musical knowledge. Still here and there the feeling arises that the effusively…


You're Not a Real Musician If You Work With Loops! Or Are You?

We live in interesting times. Technical progress allows many more people today to build passable songs without having gone through the long training and experience path of professional producers. But if more and more is not self made, is that still real music? Or rather,…